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Home Board

A self installation kit to equip your home wall, basic kit will do 300 holds contains everything you need to do the install and is supported with: How to videos, instructions and on line support

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Full instructions and videos to help in the kit and on line.

  • Drill 12mm holes

  • Neaten up holes

  • Install the first Column of LED's from the back of your board

  • Wire up to control box and switch on, make sure they are correct

  • Install the rest of the LED's

Video's are available by clicking on "Videos" in the menu bar.

Frequently asked questions

Q) Will it fit on my board?

A) If you can get behind your board and you have power available near to your board then yes.

Q)How does it work

A) You create a grid, even if your board is not set out as a grid, you still create a basic grid, assign your holds numbers A1, A2, B1,B2, C1,C2, the system allows you to select them and  create problems.

Q) Do I need to understand electronics to install

A) No, you have to click some easy connectors together, that's all.

Q) Is the System expandable

A) Yes up to 1000 holds

Q) Whats the maximum distance between holds.

A) The LED wires are 35cm, so that's really the max but you can always just use a row of LED's that don't show, meaning that holds can be 70com apart.


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