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The LED system can be installed on any wall as long as the holds are identifiable. The number of holds can range from 50 to an unlimited number; however on a practical scale a large training board has approximately 400 - 500 holds, for details and a quote please contact us.

The software allows users to display existing problems onto the wall, they are illuminated by a set of LEDS installed behind Acrylic lenses. The standard set up is with green LEDS as starting holds; red the finishing holds and the remainder in Blue; these can be customised during installation. The software also allows users to create their own problems and grade them, and allows Users to log on and track their progress. The software has an admin section that allows the wall owner, and staff, to delete problems or users and reset passwords.

The LED system can be set up on symmetrical boards, and the “MIRROR” function allows users to display a mirror of the problem they are trying with one click.

We have worked with a number of leading climbers across the country and wall manufacturers to get this right, but we are always developing it further and our goal is to transform training in the UK. The system uses a mouse/keyboard and screen interface, this allows a number of users to use the system at once, having a Smart Phone connection means the system is limited to one user only and this causes issues, a number of walls have also voiced concerns over the H&S issue of wandering around staring at phones in a bouldering wall environment. In the future we intend to have an online system that allows users to track their progress at any wall across the country.

We are a small flexible company and can adapt to virtually any challenge, please ask for further information and follow us on facebbok

Home Boards

A home board system is available visit the shop or installations page for more info.

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